Montreal Royal Announce 2017 Roster

March 1, 2017

The Montreal Royal have released their roster for the 2017 season. The Royal finished 6-8 last year, good for fifth place in the East Division

The top 10 plays from the Montreal Royal during 2016.

After a few years of relying on a strong veteran presence, Montreal has taken a decidedly younger turn heading into their fourth season. The retirements of local legends Yoland Cabot and Jean-Levy Champagne certainly influenced the team's new direction, as did the announcement that Championship Weekend VI will be held in Montreal on August 26-27, giving the Royal a chance to compete for a title in front of their hungry home crowd.

Captained by 2016 Second Team All-AUDL member Kevin Quinlan and the underrated Félix-Antoine Daigle, the team welcomes 13 new members to the team this year. That rookie total is almost entirely made up of non-natives, and includes seven Americans, two French, and one Colombian. Of the returners, the Royal retain virtually all of their top performers from a season ago, including their assists leader (Quinlan, 43), goals leader (Quinlan, 42), and blocks leader (Daigle, 21), as well as last year's late season addition and European standout Nasser Mbae Vogel.

In particular, Christian Foster comes to the team with a history of championship experience. He's won titles at the collegiate, club, and professional levels, and is renowned as one of the better defensive players in the sport.

Christian Foster carves a perfect backhand into space for a late assist in the 2016 USAU Club Championship semifinals.

See the entire 2017 Montreal roster below. Names in bold indicate that the player was not on 2016 Royal roster.

Name Number
Francis Breton 0
Raynald Nemours 3
Thomas McAlear 4
Jordan Taylor 5
Stève Bonneau 7
Mike Voelpel 8
Maxwell Rick 9
Christian Foster 11
Philippe Thivierge 12
André Arsenault 13
Joseph Genest 14
Nasser Mbae Vogel 15
Antoine Genest 17
David Ferraro 18
Nathan Dandurand 20
Gabriel Monfette 21
Christophe Tremblay-Joncas 22
Miguel Goderre 27
Ben Katz 28
Jacob Saunders 33
Quentin Bonnaud 44
Félix-Antoine Daigle 49
Mauricio Martinez 52
Malik Auger-Semmar 71
Kevin Groulx 80
Kevin Quinlan 81
Jean-Philippe Riopel 86
Francis Vallée 95