Dallas Defeats Jacksonville In First Round Playoff Matchup

July 30, 2017

The Dallas Roughnecks avenged their two losses during the 2017 regular season to the Jacksonville Cannons last night, winning their opening round playoff matchup 22-12. Dallas will now face the 2017 South Division champion Raleigh Flyers on August 12 to determine who will represent the division at Championship Weekend VI in Montreal, QC.

Jimmy Mickle led the Roughnecks with five assists as the entire team completed 96 percent of their combined 304 passes on the game. Dallas also held Jacksonville—a team that averaged over 25 goals per game in 2017—to a season-low 12 goals, including zero for Jordan Huston, who hauled in 11 goals in a Cannons win during the two teams' previous matchup on July 5.

Game highlights from July 29 between Jacksonville and Dallas.

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